Smart Grader READER

Accurate and lightning-fast registration

The Smart Grader READER has been specially developed to easily register samples. So it is not a grader, but a reader for registering tuber and bulbous crops such as potatoes and onions.

Measuring is knowing!

The operation is very simple. Empty a crate containing a sample of, for example, 10 kg of potatoes into the hopper and gently slide the potatoes onto the conveyor belt. As the potatoes pass under the camera, the READER determines the height, length and width of each individual potato and then calculates the square size and weight. Voor een monster van  10 kg heeft de READER maar 20 seconden nodig. And the reader is so compact that it can be used anywhere, even in the field to analyze test samples. The measurement results appear directly on the screen of the smartphone or laptop and can therefore easily be saved or shared. Reading and analyzing batches couldn’t be easier or more accurate.

The Smart Grader READER 3.0 quickly analyzes potato and onion samples
The Smart Grader READER is also available with belt bed intake

The right READER for every situation

The Smart Grader READER is available in many versions. There is a version on an ambulance with electronic scale, a variant with a belt bed intake and with underwater weight measurement. Below you will see a number of examples, but there are many more possibilities. Ask us or download the options list at the bottom of this page.

The facts at a glance:

  • Counting products in sample or batch
  • Determine square size, diameter, length, volume and calculated weight
  • Show and record values on smartphone
  • Easily export and process data in PC
  • 3D vision system
  • Can be used anywhere and easy to move
  • Easy operation from smartphone
  • Connection via own WiFi hotspot
  • Available in 380 or 220 V version
The results can be read on your telephone, tablet or laptop immediately after analysis.
The READER's options list is very extensive

Extensive options list

Smart Grader READERS are custom-made machines. The list of options is very extensive, allowing you to customize the READER exactly as you wish.

You can see exactly how the Smart Grader READER works in the films below: