About GeJo Grading Services

GeJo Grading Services from Luttelgeest is a pioneer and specialist in the field of optical grading. Initially it concerned machines for grading rootstocks for fruit trees. In 2018, GeJo Grading Services took over the development and production of the Smart Grader for potatoes. Our own innovation that emerged from this is the compact Smart Grader READER, which analyzes samples of 10 kg in just 20 seconds. Dozens of Smart Graders are now running worldwide for sorting potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions, often in combination with bunker installations, conveyor belts and box fillers from our partners. And we have already supplied many Smart Graders to tree growers for sorting rootstocks.

Why choose for GeJo?

  • Common farmers’ sense
  • Speaks the farmer’s language
  • Solution-oriented
  • Professional and competent
  • Always innovative
  • Focused on practice
Grading rootstocks with a GeJo Grader at Boomkwekerij 't Fort


GeJo Grading Services has a driven team of employees who develop, build, test, install on location and provide service to our machines. All professionals with a passion for technology.


GeJo Grading Services was founded in 2008 by Gerard Blok and Jos Broeders. Gerard had a tree nursery in Luttelgeest and was looking for a way to grade the rootstocks for his fruit trees. Jos had been involved in the development of the Smart Grader for potatoes for some time and he saw opportunities to use the same technology for grading rootstocks. We owe the creation of the Smart Grader to this collaboration between Gerard and Jos: the leading optical grader for the most diverse crops.