Smart Grader EVO for tuberous crops

More accurate than the human eye

Most Smart Graders are mainly used for grading potatoes, but the grader is also ideal for shallots and onions. The supplied product flow is singulated on a vibrating table, so that the products can be guided individually one after the other over roller conveyors. This rolling movement makes it possible for the products to be viewed on all sides by high-resolution cameras. The images are quickly assessed by Ellips TrueSortTM software based on easy-to-set criteria. Even wireworms, scabies and bump marks are recognized flawlessly. Depending on the shape or quality characteristics, the products are blown off the belt at the correct exit; very effective and product friendly.

Unlimited capacity

Smart Graders are available in versions with two, four, eight or twelve roller conveyors. By placing multiple Smart Graders next to each other, the sorting capacity is almost unlimited. We are happy to advise you in making the right choice, suitable for your company and application.

EVO = Evolution

With the Smart Grader EVO, EVO stands for Evolution. It is a further development of the first series of optical sorters and the result of our continuous search for innovation. The Smart Grader EVO sorts more accurately than humans will ever be able to, is tireless and works 24/7 with the same precision.

Smart Grader 408 EVO with four lanes and eight exits on a bunker installation

GeJo delivers total solutions!

GeJo Grading develops sorting solutions and these are always tailor-made. Most sorting installations are designed in close consultation with the customer and tailored to his circumstances. If desired, we also involve our partners such as Bijlsma Hercules and VHM. Because although our Smart Grader is the brain of the sorting process, the entire logistics surrounding it is of great importance for the sorting capacity and quality. All box layers, storage bunkers, cleaning units, supply and discharge conveyors, box fillers, etc. are all crucial for a perfect workflow. By coordinating all components of the sorting installation, optimal capacity can be achieved.

The Smart Grader is conquering the world

GeJo Grading has now supplied Smart Graders worldwide to satisfied customers who use optical grading. Smart Graders have been running satisfactorily for more than 15 years and every day we work on new installations that can work completely autonomously. Would you like to experience the results yourself? Please contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with a Smart Grader user in your area.

Two Smart Graders 408 EVO together form an 808 EVO with eight lanes and eight exits on a bunker installation

User experiences

In recent years we have supplied many Smart Graders to satisfied customers. Below we would like to let them tell you about their experiences.

Benninghoven, Ratingen – D

A Smart Grader EVO 208 with a storage bunker from Bijlsma Hercules is running on Christian Benninghoven’s Diepensiepen estate in Ratingen. Justus Kuwertz operates the Smart Grader and talks about his experiences.

Brasseler, Vierssen – D

Boris Brasseler grades approximately 1000 – 1500 tons of potatoes for consumption every year with his Smart Grader EVO 208, which he sells in his own farm shop. He simply wants to deliver the best quality to the customer and his Smart Grader makes an important contribution to this.

FIMM Potatoes, Muthill – Perthshire – UK

FIMM supplies seed potatoes of the highest quality and uses a Smart Grader EVO 808, which is built on top of a Bijlsma Hercules bunker and bagging installation. It appears to be a leap forward in sorting quality and saves a huge amount of labor.

Kartoffelhof Ottensmeier,  Bünde – D

Jobst Ottensmeier is enthusiastic about their Smart Grader EVO 206. He uses it to grade his Erdengold consumption potatoes and onions every day, which are sold in his own farm shop and at supermarkets in the region.

Batati, Fräschels – CH

At Batati in Switzerland, the Smart Grader EVO 408 plays a leading role in their washing, grading and packaging line of sweet potatoes.

Mts. Reitsma-Hazelhoff, Ferwert – NL

Nantko Reitsma works with a Smart Grader EVO 408 with four lanes and eight outputs. It is part of a tailor-made grading installation, with six large bunkers and two independent unloading lines from Bijlsma Hercules.