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Smart Grader

Optical sorting is the most accurate method for sorting large batches of tubers and bulbs, such as potatoes and onions. GeJo Grading has developed the Smart Grader for this. The machine sorts the tubers andbulbs very accurately by diameter, length, shape and visible defects such as cracks, bumps, scabies, wireworms or damage. In addition, the Smart Grader can also sort stones and clods from a batch.


The supplied product stream is singled on a vibrating table, so that the tubers can be guided over roller tracks. This rolling motion makes it possible that the tubers can be viewed on all sides by high resolution cameras. At lightning speed, the images are evaluated by Ellips software on the basis of easy-to-set criteria. Depending on the shape or quality characteristics, the tubers are blown of the belt at the correct outlet through air nozzles; very effective and product-friendly.


Smart Graders are available in versions with two, four, eight or twelve roller tracks. By placing several Smart Graders side by side, the sorting capacity is almost unlimited.


Smart Graders are also frequently used for the optical sorting of e.g. flowers or rootstocks for fruit trees. GeJo Grading has supplied a number of tree nurseries that have been working with them for years. Of course, the way of supplying and exit the rootstock is different from the Smart Graders for tuberous plants. However, the cameras and software offer the same degree of accuracy.


GeJo Grading has already supplied Smart Graders to customers who optically sort in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and North America. Smart Graders have been running satisfactorily for more than 10 years and every day we work on new installations that can work completely autonomously. Watch the films of our latest projects here in The Netherlands and Scotland. Would you like to experience the results by yourselves? Then come to our demo location in Luttelgeest, the Netherlands. If you bring a test batch, we will sort it according to your own wishes and specifications. But we can also visit our satisfied customers together with you at home and abroad. So make an appointment quickly!